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Stylish Protection

Blauer leads the way in chem-bio protection with it’s Homeland Defense CBRN protective ensembles. Each suit is made from lightweight material that still manages to be the strongest protection against chemical warfare and terrorist attacks. These suits are made from government grade materials in order to protect first line response, SWAT, and HAZMAT teams who are exposed to a range of toxic chemicals, liquids and particles on a regular basis. The suits are designed with an air mechanism to ensure cooling in stressful situations and hot zones. There are none that even compare in rating according to OSHA standards, at providing the most secure barrier between the wearer and the war. The suits are fully breathable in design and require no outside air to function. They protect against all gasses, toxic liquids, and particles by covering the body from head to toe in protective layering. The only element it seems these suits are not completely invincible against is extreme heat because they lack the insulation needed and instead are intended to be lightweight and nonrestrictive. However, hot particles and splashes will not permeate the material’s protective barrier. Blauer’s offers both a Class 2 and Class 3 model of suit.

The main difference is that the XRT, or the Class 3 suit, is the integrated gloves and booties and the zippered front entry. The XRT eliminates the need to use chemical tape and allows a more continuous, uninterrupted protective layer, and thus provides optimum defense against contact with contamination and exposure. The Class 2 suits are known, as simply Multi Threat suits, and do not cover the wearer in one continuous barrier, however they are made to fit over tactical boots to ensure defense is optimum with chemical tape is applied around wrists and ankles. Other, highly fashionable, uniforms are also available from Blauer. They offer a wide selection of police, fire, and EMT clothing that is not only stylish but also comfortable. Their uniforms are designed with rescue personnel in mind and provide not only defensive protection but also meet safety regulations with their reflective stripes and Glowskin technology. Visit to see all their high visibility clothing which is at least ANSI 107 or above in color rating.