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Understanding Dissertation Proposal Better

thesis helpSuccessful proposal begets a successful dissertation. Once you have an A mark for your proposal, it would not be difficult to get an A mark on your actual dissertation too. A dissertation proposal is like a research plan. Remember, the study was not yet conducted. It is a like a floor plan for a building to be built, a pattern for a dress to be made. Though there hasn’t been an outcome yet, a proposal must serve its purpose and that is to win a yes from your professors that you can conduct a particular study. But we need to know first what a dissertation is so that we could move forward with the next.

Fallacies on Dissertation Proposal

Dissertation is an Essay
An essay needs to prove something and a proposal is more likely a development of an argument that you need to prove in the future. Therefore, a dissertation is not an essay.

Dissertation is a baby thesis
A thesis help is already a conducted study. You can consider it like a dish, a cooked food while a proposal is just a suggestion of a study to be conducted. It is more like a menu which was not yet served.

Elements of a Dissertation Proposal

Dissertation Title
This can be just a working title which is prior to change later on. A short and straightforward title would be better because that would mean something and striking as well.

This should not be long since you can develop it later on. It should just include the outline of the problem and your objectives and the significance of your study.

Context of the Study
This includes the existing studies related in your research and what further researches to be done. Also include the references for the existing study. This can actually be written separately from the proposal.

This will briefly discuss the procedures for data gathering, sampling and analysis to be used. It could either be theoretical, contextual, historical, or interpretative.

Results Expected
This will enumerate the potential results you basically want to have or suggest possible outcomes as well as target audience.

This is a realistic and organized plan on how you are going to mange or conduct your research or study. This is like a calendar of your activities during the whole research.

These are the list of books, journals, publications, dissertations you plan on getting your information from. That information will serve as a support for the arguments you are going to raise in the study.

THE RULE OF THE THUMB: Expect that your proposal is different from your dissertation. The main objective of writing a proposal is to be able to have not just one but many possible dissertations. Your proposal must be flexible enough to create rooms for possible studies later on. You can also ask help or suggestions